Newsbook offers web hosting, domain names, web site and email address services. Our affordable hosting makes Newsbook the best place to host your small business website or personal web site. Our reliable web space services are also ideal for first-time webmasters. We are your web host for everything from web design, internet marketing tools, domain names, email addresses and powerful web hosting services.
Newsbook provides the best quality web hosting & dedicated server Newsbook is the largest web hosting company in Hong Kong
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Our company is specializing on the high quality ecommerce, web, business and game server. dedicated server opteron or dual xeon, virtual ecommerce server and managed colocation server


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  Size (cm) Price IP Address (monthly fee)
1U 19" Rack Space
4.5cm x58cm x62cm 1 x IP $ 600 $ 700
 2U 19" Rack Space
9cm x58cm x62cm 1 x IP $ 800 $ 900
 4U 19" Rack Space
18cm x58cm x62cm 1 x IP $1000 $ 1100
( 1 ) One year payment is needed.
( 2 ) Newsbook can help clients setup the standard OS with web server, ftp server and email server for HK$1,000 (software license excluded).
 Include :

- 24/7 NOC Monitoring and Reboot
- Unlimited Local/International Bandwidth
- Primary and/or Secondary Domain Name Service
- Dedicated Switched Ethernet (100Mbps) Port
- Uninterruptible Power Supply (Surge Protected AC Power with UPS backup)
- Dedicated Diesel Generator
- Air-conditioned controlled environment
- FM 200 Fire Suppression System and Pre-Action Sprinkler System

For further enquiry, please contact (852) 2782 0197 or

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